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  1. Sanford Rosenblum

    HI: Remember…me…a great fan of yours…Blog with a bite, and brainy to refreshing..keep going and we’ll publish in a real book (remember..?), and people will soon have thumb-worm copies from reading them over, and over, and over…well, glad you remember you used to live in Albany, but what a a way to differentiate yourself…haha..Best, Sandy

  2. Such a pleasant surprise to hear from you, Sandy. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Yes, I do remember the Rental Movie Stores. Friday evenings and Saturdays all day long, way into the evenings were busy and exciting with people. People are energy, and we have lost that with picking up a movie from a red box, ordering them through television, or the internet. Not only has the movie rental stores gone, but what do you think about the closing of some local post offices and banks, where people had the chance to bump into their neighbor. Even the neighborhood libraries are shortening their hours of operation, meaning people have less time to interact with other people on the planet What are we to become, a bunch of robots?

    • Yes, I’ve thought about that a lot – the more things you can do from your home or at outdoor kiosks, the less interaction with live human beings. And in situations where people are forced to be around other people, like commuter trains, their ears are plugged up with music so that they can pretend no one else is around them. I wonder what that does to the human species long term. So yes, I guess we are to become robots. Maybe then I’ll finally be able to dance the robot.

  4. cheryl

    Hi Mark! What wonderful memories of Aunt Helen. I so enjoyed what you wrote about Aunt Helen and Uncle Joe. I always loved going to their beautiful and always immaculately clean house as a kid and celebrating Christmas with the “goy” side of the family and eating the best Italian food ever! Hugs and kisses, cousin Cheryl

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